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Community Policy

We craft Ludwig with love and care, at the best of our skills and knowledge, but this project would not be possible without the contribution of an incredible community. With the support of the community we were able to improve the quality of Ludwig dramatically, as members provided both fixes, new features and helped directing the developments. We are really grateful for that and in exchange we strive to make the development process as open as possible and communication with the development team easy and direct. We strive to create an inclusive community where everyone is welcome as long as they respect everyone else, so harassment and any other form of non inclusive behaviour will not be allowed.


If you encounter an issue when using Ludwig, please add it to our GitHub Issues tracker. Please make sure we are able to replicate the issue by providing wither model definition + command + data or code + data. If your data cannot be shared, please use the dataset_synthesizer script available in ludwig/data/dataset_synthesizer to create a synthetic data with the same feature types.


We use Gitq to provide a forum for the community to discuss. Everything that is not an issue and relates Ludwig can be discussed here: use-cases, requests for help and suggestions, discussions on the future of the project, and other similar topics. The forum is ideal for asynchronous communication.


We are currently testing a chat solution for allowing both Ludwig users and developers to interact in a timely, more synchronous way. We have not settled on a solution yet, but will add it here as soon as the choice is made. If you have opinion on this topic (which tools to use, comparison among available options) feel free to discuss about it on the Forum.